Getting seniors to download your free downsizing tips


Offering free downloadable advice on downsizing is a good way to get seniors on to your list of leads. But that’s true only if you can create a low-friction process which encourages them to collect your freebie and leave you their contact information.

What do I mean by a low-friction process?

Your potential lead doesn’t have to contact you directly to get it. Few seniors will be keen on emailing or calling you to get your freebie. They may think that you’ll use the opportunity to pitch your services, and they’re probably not ready for that yet.

They only have to give you their first name and email address. In other words, only as much information as you need to follow up with them by email. The more contact information you ask for, the fewer leads you’ll get. You can collect their other details later as they come to know and trust you.

The action you want them to take is clear. You want them to download your freebie in exchange for their information. Pure and simple. You don’t present them with other choices or distractions.

They get the freebie instantly. In other words, they don’t have to wait hours or days for you to send it to them manually.

If you’re not technically-inclined, you may prefer to handle requests for your freebie manually. That can work when you’re meeting people individually and offering your freebie to them one at a time. But if you’re hoping to generate multiple leads online from people you’ve never met before, an automated process is generally the best way to go.

Here’s what a low-friction automated process might look like:

  • You announce (e.g. through social media) that you have a freebie on downsizing.
  • You provide a link that takes people to a dedicated webpage (i.e. a landing page) where they can claim the freebie.
  • Anyone who clicks on the link is taken to the landing page where there’s an image of the freebie, a short description, a space for their email address and first name, and a button that says “Grab your free copy”.
  • After filling in their first name and email address and clicking the button, they instantly receive a copy of the freebie.
  • Their first name and email address automatically go into your database

Getting comfortable with automation

Once you’ve got an automated process set up, it’s a lot less work for you. That said, it can be a little intimidating to set up. That’s why I offer a free group Zoom call every month for realtors who’ve purchased “5 Pro Tips to Downsizing Your Home”, the lead magnet I created with the help of a group of realtors who serve seniors.  

In the group, we talk about all sorts of things, including how to set up an automated process for a downsizing lead magnet regardless of what database or website provider you use.

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Written By Paul Cavanagh

Paul is a freelance writer who specializes in real estate marketing for seniors. He also writes marketing materials for businesses in the senior living sector. Trained as an occupational therapist and urban planner, he has over 30 years of experience working with seniors and their families.