Downsizing booklet for seniors

You’ve managed to get the attention of a downsizing senior. Perhaps it’s through something you posted online. Or maybe they attended a presentation you gave.

You could invite them to give you a call for a free consultation. A lot of REALTORS do. But that’s not necessarily the best way to go.

Why? People are worried that if they call, you’ll try to sell them on your services. Or they simply don’t feel ready to talk with a REALTOR.

Downloading a free ebook isn’t as big of an ask.

Just add your branding

“5 Pro Tips to Downsizing Your Home” is a professionally-designed 16-page ebook that you can use to generate more leads. Your custom edition of the booklet includes your own photo, logo, intro, call-to-action, and contact info.

You’ll get the email address of anyone who downloads it, allowing you to follow up with them.

You’ll also receive a print-ready version of the booklet which allows you to leave hard copies with potential clients when you meet with them.

The advantages of a white-labelled ebook

You could try designing your own ebook, but it would take you a lot time. And if you’re not an experienced copywriter or graphic designer, you may not be pleased with the results.

Or you could hire professionals to do it for you. But that would likely cost you thousands of dollars.

Instead, you can get your own personalized version of “5 Pro Tips to Downsizing Your Home” for a small fraction of the cost.


  • written by a skilled copywriter who’s dialled into the downsizing seniors’ market
  • professionally designed to give it extra visual appeal
  • reviewed by a panel of REALTORS who serve seniors just like you do
  • includes your photo, logo, intro, call to action, and contact information
  • ebook and print-ready versions included

Written to attract seniors who have decided to downsize but may not yet fully understand everything that’s involved, “5 Pro Tips to Downsizing Your Home” offers succinct insights and advice while highlighting the importance of signing on with a REALTOR who is skilled at working with seniors.


  • Reasons for downsizing
  • Realizing what’s ahead of you
  • How this move is different
  • Tip 1: Getting your current home ready for sale
  • Tip 2: Using the sale of your home to support your future living expenses
  • Tip 3: Finding a new home that’s right for you
  • Tip 4: Thinning out your belongings
  • Tip 5: Planning everything that needs to happen before you can move
  • How a real estate agent who specializes in downsizing can help
  • Your photo, logo, intro, call-to-action, and contact info
The booklet is a great tool for my on-line lead generation. I advertised the e-book on Facebook for only $30 to start, and I have about 7 or 8 leads now. It’s thoughtfully written to capture many issues facing seniors when they are downsizing. It’s laid out in simple, jargon-free language. And customizing the booklet was easy to do! There’s even helpful advice on how to integrate it into your website or on-line advertising.
Sue Anfang


It’s always great to have something to hand out to people. The visual of the book is really appealing. Much more polished than handouts we can get through other sources. We feel confident giving it to people we meet with. And it demonstrates our expertise on the topic of downsizing.
Anita Bostok and Norman Hathaway

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Available in US or Canadian dollars

I’ve used the booklet to introduce myself, not just to potential clients but potential referral sources as well. It shows who I am and how I think. I like that a lot. I also appreciate the extras that help me use the booklet to generate leads online, like the sample landing page and welcome message.

Greg Hollander


How it works

Upon payment, you’ll receive a link to upload your photo, logo, biographical info, and call-to-action so that they appear in your version of the booklet.

Within a couple of days of uploading your information, you’ll receive two separate PDF files – your personalized booklet in ebook and print-ready formats.

If you purchased the templates, you’ll receive those files at the same time.

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