Helping downsizing seniors recognize your value as a specialist realtor


A lot of downsizing seniors hold off on finding a realtor. They assume that the realtor’s only role is to sell their current home (and perhaps find a new one).

So, how do you assure people that you’re not going to push them to list their house tomorrow? and that they can avoid potential downsizing pitfalls by involving you early in the process?

Raising problem awareness

Part of the solution is to make sure your marketing material raises their awareness of the problems they might face. Until you do that, they’ll have a difficult time understanding why they should turn to you for help.

To illustrate, let’s focus on a specific problem: “How much of the proceeds from the sale of your current home should be set aside to help pay for future living expenses?” It’s a question some seniors may be grappling with but struggling to answer. Others may not have even considered it yet.

Simply mentioning this issue early in your messaging (as something many downsizing seniors run up against) can get people’s attention. The senior who’s already struggling with the question may think, “Yes, that’s exactly the thing I’m worried about. Maybe this realtor can help me.” The senior who hasn’t even asked themselves the question may go, “Huh. That’s something I should probably be considering. I wonder what else this realtor has to say about the topic or downsizing in general.”

The main thing is they’re both now receptive to hear more from you.

Example: Raising problem awareness in your opening lines

Are you over 65 and looking to downsize in the Windsor area? Worried whether the proceeds from the sale of your home will cover your future living expenses? Overwhelmed by the prospect of sorting through all your stuff? Concerned whether you’ll be able to find a new place that truly feels like home? I’m a realtor who can help you with all of that. That’s because I have lots of experience with your type of move.

Develop free content that delves into a problem

You could develop some free content that delves into this issue. Maybe you offer a seminar on the topic. Perhaps you create a short article, report, video, or e-book. (You could set it up as a lead magnet so that seniors give you their contact information in order to get the material.)

Of course, you’re not trying to take the place of their financial advisor. But your educational material can help them consider what factors to include in any financial plan that they develop with their advisor.

For instance, how else might they want to use money that’s freed up from the sale of their home? On upgrades to their new home? On travel or other big ticket items? On family?

How much can they expect will go to commissions and legal fees? What do they need to understand about ads or quotes listing a flat fee or 1% commission?

Keep in mind that any educational material you develop doesn’t have to focus exclusively on one issue. You could broaden your scope to a few of the most common challenges people experience when downsizing.

The payoff for you

As downsizing seniors learn from you, they’ll see that you know your stuff. They’ll also begin to understand that downsizing is a long, involved process that starts long before a home is listed. And perhaps most importantly, they’ll begin to recognize that they’d be smart to consult a specialist like you early on in the process.

Could someone take your free information, run with it, and sign on with some other realtor? Sure. That’s why part of the trick to crafting good learning material is to make it clear near the end that you haven’t been able to share all there is to know in the short time you have available. Mention other ways you can help (in ways that realtors who aren’t experienced in downsizing may not be able to) and extend an invitation to connect with you.

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Written By Paul Cavanagh

Paul is a freelance writer who specializes in real estate marketing for seniors. He also writes marketing materials for businesses in the senior living sector. Trained as an occupational therapist and urban planner, he has over 30 years of experience working with seniors and their families.