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Moving closer to family (CAD)


Lays out two things to consider before moving to be closer to family: 1) Have you talked it through with your family? 2) How well do you know the place you’d be moving to? Closes with a call-to-action.

Part of the Finding a New Home series.

Here are the opening lines:

Subject: Moving closer to family: 2 things to consider

You may be thinking about moving closer to family in your retirement. After all, one of the benefits of retirement is spending more time with family and friends.

It can work well for everyone involved. But before you finalize your moving plans, here are a couple of things you might want to consider first.

Have you talked it through with your family?

In other words, how keen are they about having you live close by? You may have different expectations than they do about how much time you’d be spending together. It’s important to clarify this up front. For instance, your son or daughter may welcome you babysitting the grandkids from time to time, but may not necessarily want you involving yourself in their lives on a daily basis. Try to sort this through before committing to a move.

Also consider the likelihood of your family staying put after you move closer to them. You wouldn’t want to uproot yourself only to have them move away not long after you arrive. Are they likely to pursue a job opportunity elsewhere? Are they...

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