Starter pack of ready-to-send articles for downsizing leads CAD


Keep your downsizing leads engaged. This starter pack of 6 ready-to-send articles offers them helpful downsizing advice while showing off your expertise in the area.

Get 6 ready-to-send articles for the price of 5. Each article offers helpful advice on how to find a new home when downsizing.

Topics include

  • where to move when you're downsizing
  • 2 mistakes to avoid when shopping for condos
  • 6 questions to ask about adult lifestyle communities
  • retirement homes: what to expect
  • moving closer to family: 2 things to consider
  • when downsizing, should you buy or rent your next home?

Can be sent as emails or letters. Also can be incorporated into a newsletter. The messages come as editable Word Files. Simply add your branding and personalize as you see fit.