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Explains 2 mistakes for downsizing seniors to avoid when shopping for a condo. They include 1) not understanding how property repairs are managed and 2) not fully understanding a condo’s rules. Ends with a call-to-action that you can personalize.

Part of the Finding a New Home series

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Subject: 2 mistakes to avoid when shopping for a condo

If you’re downsizing, you may be leaning towards buying a condo. After all, what’s not to like about continuing to own a home of your own and having someone else look after property maintenance?

Well, it’s not quite that cut and dried. Very often, the devil is in the details.

Here are two common mistakes first-time condo buyers make that you’ll want to avoid.

1. Not understanding how property repairs are managed

Don’t assume that once you move into a condo, you’ll no longer have to worry about property maintenance or repairs. Your condo fees may cover the maintenance of common areas, but you may still have to pay for some repairs inside your unit. This will depend on the terms of the condo agreement...

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