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Will your home let you age in place (CAD)


Suggests a few questions that readers can ask to determine whether their home will allow them to age in place. Also discusses whether renovations might be an answer. Describes how you can help as a realtor who specializes in downsizing. Closes with a call to action.

Part of the Aging in Place series.

Here are the opening lines:

Subject: Will your home let you age in place?

Most people want to stay in their own home for as long as they live. But few consider what renovations might be necessary to make that happen.

Face it. Most of us don’t like to imagine ourselves as less mobile, but chances are that navigating stairs and getting in and out of a bathtub will become harder as we get older.

Take a look around your home. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are there stairs to my front entrance?
  • What’s on my main level? Do I need to climb the stairs to get to my bedroom or the bathroom?
  • Where are my washer and dryer located?
  • Do I have a bathtub that might be difficult to get in and out of if my balance isn’t as good in the future?

If you realize that the current layout of your home would present problems should you become less mobile as you age, ask yourself...

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