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How long to downsize (USD)


Discusses why it usually takes longer than anticipated to get a home ready for sale, especially when it comes to thinning out one’s belongings. Describes how you can help as a realtor who specializes in downsizing. Closes with a call to action.

Part of the Getting Ready to Downsize series.

Here are the opening lines:

Subject: How much time will it take to downsize my home?

Downsizing your home is a big project. And it will more than likely end up taking more time than you bargain for.

First of all, you need to get your current home ready for sale – making sure outstanding repairs are taken care of and everything is presentable to potential buyers.

And you’ll need to thin out your belongings. This can be quite a slog, especially if you’ve been living in the same place for many years. You may not fully realize just how much stuff you’ve accumulated until you have to sort through it all.

After that, you’ll still have to figure out what to do with all the items you’ve decided not to keep. What things should you sell? And how? What things should you donate? And where can you take them?

Perhaps you’re planning to pass on some special items within your family, but then...


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Getting ready to downsize