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Future help age in place (USD)


Uses a sample scenario to get readers to think through what future help they might need in order to successfully age in place. Describes how you can help them plan as a realtor. Closes with a call to action.

Part of the Aging in Place series.

Here are the opening lines:

Subject: To age in place, anticipate what help you’ll need in the future

If you want to live out your life in your current home, you need to think ahead. And that involves anticipating what help you might need in the future.

We may like to assume that we’ll remain self-sufficient as we grow older, but chances are that we’re going to have to lean on someone at some point. For emotional or practical support. It might be for a short period or an extended one. It’s impossible to predict.

Now imagine this. Suppose you’re hospitalized. You come home to recuperate, but you’re still not yourself. Maybe you can’t get out of the house, and you need someone to go to the pharmacy and grocery store for you. Maybe you’re off your feet for an extended period and you can’t cook for yourself.

Who would you turn to for help?

The answer to that question will depend on…

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