Automated lead funnel for seniors USD (complete bundle)


Automated system for attracting downsizing seniors using the booklet “5 Pro Tips to Downsizing Your Home”.

Automated system for attracting downsizing seniors. Includes

  • Digital and print-ready versions of "5 Pro Tips to Downsizing Your Home", a professionally designed booklet that acts as a lead magnet. Your business information appears in the booklet.
  • A standing invitation to a monthly Zoom call of realtors who use "5 Pro Tips" to attract seniors.
  • A made-for-you landing page that automatically delivers the ebook version of "5 Pro Tips" to new leads, tags them as a downsizing lead, collects their contact information, and syncs it with your current database. (Requires an Essentials Mailchimp plan.)
  • 6 ready-to-send articles to send to new leads that offer helpful advice on downsizing topics.
  • A done-for-you Mailchimp drip campaign automation that delivers these 6 ready-to-send articles to new leads at a frequency determined by you.
  • A pack of designed-for-you images that will help you promote "5 Pro Tips" on Facebook.