5 Pro Tips booklet + automated landing page + promo pack CAD

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Automated system for attracting downsizing seniors using the booklet “5 Pro Tips to Downsizing Your Home” (without follow-up educational messages).

This bundle includes

  • Digital and print-ready versions of "5 Pro Tips to Downsizing Your Home", a professionally designed booklet that acts as a lead magnet. Your business information appears in the booklet.
  • A standing invitation to a monthly Zoom call of realtors who use "5 Pro Tips" to attract seniors.
  • A made-for-you landing page that automatically delivers the ebook version of "5 Pro Tips" to new leads, tags them as a downsizing lead, collects their contact information, and syncs it with your current database. (Requires an Essentials Mailchimp plan.)
  • A pack of designed-for-you images that will help you promote "5 Pro Tips" on Facebook.