Using Lead Magnets to Attract Seniors

A Masterclass for Realtors
Investment: Just $49

The recording of this live session is available until the end of June

In this training you’ll discover:

  • why downsizing seniors are difficult to attract and why promotional materials you use with other clients often won’t work with them
  • why offering free information on downsizing is an effective marketing tactic and what a good downsizing lead magnet looks like
  • how to choose from the many forms of paid and free promotion available to you
  • how to promote your lead magnet for free through your personal and professional networks
  • how to effectively promote your lead magnet on social media without spending hours creating posts
  • how to weigh the cost-effectiveness of Google Ads and set up an ad campaign
  • how to re-jig your website so that it takes advantage of your lead magnet’s ability to attract seniors
  • how to save hours every week by automating your ebook distribution and lead collection process
  • how to stay in touch with new leads so that they’re more likely to contact you once they’re ready to downsize
  • …and more!