When Greg Hollander created a Facebook ad offering 5 Pro Tips to Downsizing Your Home as a free download, he got seven or eight leads right off the bat.

The booklet has also won him leads at live events like 55+ lifestyle expos. “I have a laminated copy at my kiosk,” he says. “People will pick it up. It captures their interest, and they leave me their email address to get an electronic copy.”

He’s also emailed the booklet to existing leads. It’s prompted many of them to reach out to him.

On top of all that, Greg has developed a drip campaign to keep leads engaged, including seniors (and adult children) who may not yet be ready to have a conversation with him. The drip campaign is made up of content that he’s developed himself along with Attract Downsizing Senior’s follow-up educational emails.

“I tweak them so that they sound like they’re coming from me,” he says. “It’s pretty simple to do.”

But what Greg says he values the most are the free monthly group calls with other realtors who are also using 5 Pro Tips as a lead magnet. “I find a lot of great ideas thrown around. It opens my eyes to different ways of doing things, right down to practical suggestions about how to print the booklet.”

These free monthly calls also give Greg – and other realtors who attend – the chance to shape the contents of future follow-up educational emails.

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