Creating a lead funnel for your downsizing ebook

I tried to set up a lead funnel for the downsizing ebook on my own, but failed miserably. Didn’t even come close to achieving anything. Then I walked through the video which made it very simple. That’s because the video covers every step. I literally started at five o’clock one night and had the link and landing page up and running by about eight o’clock that same night. It literally took no time at all. And then I started getting it out on my Facebook page and doing different ads and trying different things with it. And yeah, it was incredibly simple. It was well worth my time.

Bradley Walker

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Paul Cavanagh is a freelance writer and writing coach who teaches REALTORS in the US and Canada how to attract downsizing seniors with compelling, customer-focused messages. He also writes marketing materials for businesses in the senior living sector. Trained as an occupational therapist and urban planner, Paul has over 30 years of experience working with seniors and their families.